Shipping Included on Orders of 6 Bottles or More
Shipping Included on Orders of 6 Bottles or More

Our Wine Story

Opening Doors for Texas Wine

In 2010, a skeleton key found on the Hye Vineyard Estate became the inspiration behind this label. Before it was lined with vines, the land that is now Hye Estate was a chicken farm for many years. Chris and Bill started with years ago was a vision, but not land. When they visited, they saw the potential this piece of Hill Country land had and placed their stake that this would be the birthplace of William Chris Vineyards. The skeleton key would symbolize a reassurance of that vision. That this land would create wines to unlock the flavors of William Chris Vineyards and Texas. 

A brand inspired by the land the wine is grown on.

Stylistically, this wine showcases a different approach to the traditional William Chris wine. The Skeleton Key line gives the winemakers the chance to express themselves creatively using more blending techniques and oak again, thus defining an approachable introduction to Texas wine.